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🚭 Tartiliser 001

This is the beginning of a hopefully short-running blog post series called »Tartiliser«, from »tar« and »fertiliser«. It’s a photo blog about beautiful nature… tainted by our garbage.

I use only the most Professional™ gear to capture these wonders: My good ol’ phone’s camera. Yeah, i’m not carrying around expensive gear when i take these. And hopefully i’ll never have to.

Ground-covering shrubs in the front, trees and foresty ground in the back. And under the shrubs a damned cigarettes box.
Came across this massive and hazardous bug mansion while taking a walk. Notice how the shrubs grow all over that box. It has been there for quite a while.

I took these photos a few years ago, so as a ceremonial first post, here’s a second one for your »enjoyment«.

Close-up of some shrubs in a grassland area. Some long grass, some short grass, some herbs, a bunch of pretty little flowers. There’s also a bug enjoying some shade on a longer grass leaf in the background. And a damn cigarette butt in between all this in the foreground.
Did you know that these used cigarette filters are not only full of toxic materials, but also take a decade to rot away? Take a moment to imagine how many cigarette butts a smoker you may know snips away over a timespan of 10 years. Really try to visualise it. And to make things worse: When i claimed »rot away«, what i really meant is »fall apart into still highly toxic dust«. Amazing!

This page(Mirror) by the UC Berkeley’s University Health Services has a brief list of 10 more »fun« facts about cigarette butt littering.

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