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Welcome to my humble corner of the internet, where things are blue and silly! I’m Evy, a random person writing random stuff, doing random things.
(You may also call me »Evrey«. Or »Evyènne«. Whichever works best for you.)
Allow me to show you around.

This is where i shall occasionally showcase or blog about the things i may or may not be working on or just may or may not enjoy. You can find a link to my blog in my site’s header. Hint: You can click on the ellipsis (…) or application window icon (🗖︎) to uncover direkt links to category or keyword pages.
(Imagine that: The equivalent of a hamburger menu, but with no JS!)

My Blog

You’re likely here to read my blog, so to save you a click, here’s a short list of my most recent posts:

This blog is part of a small writing group called The Writing Gaggle . As the linked page states:
Our goal here is to motivate each other to write and publish more

Chef’s Suggestions

A place where i recommend pieces of media i enjoyed.

That’s It

For now.

I may add a bunch more stuff in the future, depending on the amount of spare time and ideas i can accumulate.

Evyl Blue

Attempting world domination since 1997.